Hardware Leasing

You can lease almost any type of hardware equipment, from servers, desktops computers, printers and laptops through to routers, networking infrastructure and labour for installation.

Software Leasing

Software is an integral part of your IT solution – arranging asset finance for software is just as advantageous as leasing computer hardware and other equipment.

When a leasing company finances software, it does not acquire ownership of it as they are technically only buying a licence – in other words, the right to use the software.

Can I lease equipment from any manufacturer?

Pcideals is completely independent of any manufacturer so your choice of equipment purchased under a lease agreement is completely your choice.

What size of transaction can be financed?

The minimum lease value is £500 right upto £100,000.00. So no IT project size is too small or too ambitious.

How are the rentals treated for VAT?

Rentals attract VAT in the normal way. Lease Purchase agreements do not, the VAT is paid in full or on each installment paid quarterly.

Will I own the equipment at the end of the term?

A standard Pcideals Leasing rental agreement is totally flexible at the end of the initial term. Like many leasing companies, if you do not wish to return the goods at the end of the initial term, you can choose to keep equipment for as long as you want, or permanently for a one off nominal charge, usually about 5% of the original invoiced amount.

What happens if the goods become obsolete or need to be upgraded?

One of the main reasons for leasing is to match the period of a products productive life. You can, at any point in the rental period, upgrade the equipment and your payments will alter accordingly. The upgrade path is another great benefit of leasing in order to keep your IT current.

What happens if I don't keep up the payments?

Like all financial agreements, you are agreeing to make the payments as arranged. If you fail to make these payments then steps will be taken to remove the leased goods and enforce the terms of the agreement.

Will signing a lease reduce my ability to gain credit elsewhere?

No, signing a lease through Pcideals Leasing will leave all your current lines of credit intact, if anything it may help you gain more credit in the future.